• EAS was est. in 2002 and launched with the purpose of offering intelligent registration solutions to the events industry.

    In the past 12 years EAS have produced bespoke registration, event accreditation and data capture systems for the worlds largest and most high profile events.

  • EAS has supplied registration services on over 1000 events ranging from 100 to 200’000 attendees, there really is no event too big or small that EAS cannot service through its advanced and flexible registration systems.

    EAS offers totally bespoke and off-the-shelf registration systems and work with clients to create cutting edge registration platforms.

  • The EAS Accredit solution provides you with a dynamic and flexible system to run your stadium, venue or event accreditation.

    Built specifically for event organisers, stadiums, and venue owners who require personnel, media & press and attendees to be security vetted, Accredit provides a platform for the registration and multiple level stadium, venue and event accreditation of everyone applying to enter the facility or attend the event.

  • The Data Pilot by EAS offers an advanced mobile lead capture service, designed to enable exhibitors to get the most of the data they collect and increase their ROI.

    The Data Pilot system is fully customisable to exhibitor’s requirements and can work on-line and off-line and provides real time visaulised reports.

  • The EAS meeting software can be used to run events such as Meet the Buyer or a Hosted Buyer Programme.

    The system can be used as part of the EAS registration offering or as a stand-alone product. The platform is a dynamic solution which can lend itself to small or large events and can be tailored to your exact requirements providing a hassle free way for you to match buyers and suppliers.