Key features

Key features

Delivering tailored solutions

In a world where everything needs to be measurable and accountable, we are agile, reliable, flexible and creative. Since 2002, we have grown and developed our registration systems to cater for evolving strategic needs of the events industry.

For over 14 years, we have been delivering tailored registration solutions to the events industry across the world. We have worked on some of the most high profile events – and many niche events that are destined for greatness – providing an end-to-end service that contributes towards the successful delivery of the organizers’ vision and goals. 

No two shows are the same, so organizers like myself demand a system that can adapt and flex with the event’s specific characteristics

Will Broadfoot, Marketing Director, International Wine Fair

Flexible systems that are not ‘one size fits all’

Flexible systems that are not one size fits all We recognise that all events are different and that our clients have distinct needs. As a result, we have developed a wide range of modules over the years that cater to these requirements. From our first meeting, we will produce a specification that interprets your needs, and we’ll consult with you during development to ensure you get a system that meets them.

Ability to set up registration codes to allow marketing activity to be tracked

Ability to set up registration codes to allow marketing activity to be tracked All event-marketing teams need to measure the effectiveness of their campaigns, both during the pre-registration period and post-event, to ensure that their budget is working hard for them. By using a different registration code for a specific activity, you are able to track responses in real time and react immediately.

User-friendly, real-time reporting on demographics, payments, booking patterns

User-friendly, real-time reporting on demographics, payments, booking patternsGiving you invaluable insight into your audience at any time during your marketing campaign, helping you to:

  • Formulate your conversion campaign
  • Inform and excite your team, exhibitors, speakers and other key stakeholders
  • Plan onsite activities (breakout room size; catering; security; staffing)
  • Manage debt collection. 

Integrated email and SMS system

Integrated email and SMS systemEnabling you to tailor your messages to your audiences by registration type – as they register and in the run-up to the event. You have the ability to change these messages to suit your needs at the touch of a button. In addition, you can download your attendee data at any time for use with other email systems.

Full onsite support including IT set-up, venue liaison, efficient staff and equipment

Full onsite support including IT set-up, venue liaison, efficient staff and equipmentWe can recommend layouts, liaise with venues, specify kit and employ the best staff, wherever your event takes place. Our attention to these details gives our clients time to concentrate on other aspects of their event.

Multi-language and multi-currency options

Multi-language and multi-currency optionsIf you want to collect payment in local currency, we can arrange that. We can also integrate with most payment gateways. And our system can set up payment instructions, message texts and invoices in multiple languages to suit your audience.

Meeting planner

Meeting plannerEnabling you to run your 'Meet the Buyer' or 'Hosted Buyer' programme.

Our user-friendly system provides a hassle-free way for event organisers to match buyers and suppliers, based on specified criteria, to produce a downloadable appointment calendar of meetings for both exhibitors and visitors. The system can be customised to suit most requirements.

Online seminar planners

Online seminar plannersAllowing attendees to view, book and pay for all seminar sessions, and tailor-make their attendance plan. If they also have meetings pre-planned, their appointment calendar will alert them to any overlaps.

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