Transport Security Expo

Transport Security Expo

Organiser – Nineteen Events

UK-based exhibition organiser with two well-established specialist shows - in the security sector and the plastic, reconstructive and cosmetic industries.

Organiser’s requirement

Transport Security Expo (Transec) – a very highly regarded niche event in the security sector - returned to EAS in 2015 with a registration brief comprising several complex requirements. As well as the ‘standard’ registration service, Nineteen Events needed us to be able to deal with:

  • Multiple visitor types who all needed different treatments
  • A Hosted Buyer programme that could be managed in real time
  • Onsite integration with airport-style security screening
  • The marketing team’s desire to track registrations to marketing activity.


In all, Transec had twelve different visitor types and the team at Nineteen were able to communicate with them as distinct groups and target their messaging accordingly via our user-friendly system. The team was also able to change the status of each visitor as the show approached and send them a tailored message about the change (e.g. VIP upgrades). The Hosted Buyer programme was integrated into the registration system and, once individual applications were approved by the Event Director, meetings schedules were generated for all parties.

Onsite, against a backdrop of increased security across the world in light of several transport-related attacks in the run up to the show, we worked very closely with Nineteen’s preferred supplier to ensure that only registered, approved visitors could enter the exhibition hall. Despite the small entrance area, queues were kept to a minimum.

Pre-show, we supplied the marketing team with a series of trackable registration links which they used in all marketing activity in the run up to the show which meant that, post show – and throughout the visitor promotion campaign – they were able to see where visitors were coming from and what activity had prompted them to register.

Measurable outcomes

Transec 2015 achieved a record-breaking attendance of over 4,500 security professionals, 150 leading global exhibitors, 36 official Government-hosted country delegations, and 20 UK stakeholder agency delegations.

Crucially, the Nineteen team also gained invaluable insight into the effectiveness of their marketing activity by being able to track 47% of visitors back to the exact activity that prompted them to register.

Working with EAS on Transec presented them with many challenges which they met without being fazed at all. They have a wealth of experience and their registration systems are testament to their clear understanding of the needs of the ever-changing world of events. 

Diana Little, Head of Marketing, Transec 2015