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Getting your visitors to turn up

Rebecca McConnell
By 24 May 2018

Four ways your data can do the hard work so you don’t have to.

When you’re ploughing your time and energy into a marketing campaign that will get visitors to register for your next exhibition or conference, it’s a challenge to find the time and tools to make sure they actually turn up. But this is the most important part of it all - a high pre-reg conversion will save you time and marketing budget (not to mention stress) and ensure your event is a runaway success.

There are plenty of reasons why registrants fail to turn up, particularly if your event is free to attend. But a good conversion campaign doesn’t have to be time consuming. You have collected a lot of data about your visitors during the registration process – leverage this intelligence to automate meaningful communications and you have a winning campaign on your hands with minimal effort.

Personalise confirmation emails. Impress your potential visitors from the very beginning with a confirmation email that lets them know why they need to attend. Use a system that can merge in relevant content depending on the interests they have selected at time of registration. Tell them the exhibitors or presentations they can’t miss and they’ll soon view it as a must-attend event.  

Look after your VIP visitors. Use intelligent audience vetting and a demographic scoring system to automatically categorise your visitors into useful groups. For visitors that score highly, fire off an email telling them that their VIP badge will be waiting for them along with a host of other exclusive benefits.

Show them who else is going. As part of the registration process, encourage your attendees to share on social media that they are attending your event and let them see who else is going. Knowing that they will be in good company is a compelling reason to attend.

Leverage the power of networking. Implement an online networking tool and meetings planner so that your visitors can search for interesting people to meet and fix up meetings in advance. A meeting or two in the diary before the show opens makes it more likely they’ll keep their commitment to attend.

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