About us

About us

Since 2002, EAS has been delivering tailored registration solutions to the events industry across the globe. Our name is synonymous with some of the most high-profile events, but we’re equally at home working with niche events that are destined for greatness. We have offices in UK, UAE and South Africa.

In simple terms, we take the hassle out of event registration using an online platform that we tailor to your exact requirements. Because the platform is bespoke, you can decide what data you want to collect, and how you want to use it. From badge issue to generating visa application reminder emails, this really is a scalable system in every sense.

Our staff have previous experience of working in the events sector as clients, so we understand the important role that registration plays in delivering the marketing strategy and a seamless onsite experience. In a world where everything needs to be measurable and accountable, we are innovative, reliable, flexible and creative. Over the years, we have helped many event organisers to evolve and improve their events through a better understanding of their behaviours, which is one of the many reasons we have retained so many of our clients for so many years.

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