Registration Services

Registration Services

A registration system that is as unique as your event

The team members at EAS have all worked the floor at events, so we know how important it is for the registration process to be seamless as well as functionable, from pre-registration to providing post event reports and data to relevant departments. We also understand that a one-size fits all approach to technology doesn’t work, which is why our system is fully customisable to your requirements.

From a small seminar to a vast exhibition we will ensure every stage of registration is accessible and simple for the delegate, whilst scalable and adaptable for the user, with its easy to use dashboard. Meeting all your marketing, sales and security objectives at a competitive price. 

Why EAS?

Your event is an extension of your unique organisation, it needs to reflect your brand, and by that we don’t just mean your brand colours and logo. So, a one size fits all approach isn’t going to work; you need registration services that are tailored to your requirements and bespoke security event badging. Our team has the experience to deliver these services.

No two shows are the same, so organizers like myself demand a system that can adapt and flex with the event’s specific characteristics