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Going green

Rebecca McConnell
By 21 June 2018
Showcase your green credentials and cut your costs with eco-friendly registration

We find ourselves working with a growing number of event organisers that want to make their event registration process as environmentally friendly as possible. It can cut costs, certainly cuts waste, and can be turned into a great sponsorship proposition for a brand with an eye on sustainability.

So here are our seven steps to going green with your event registration.
  1. Go paperless
Online registration is quick to set-up and gives you a big tick in the green credentials box. So whatever avenues you are using to promote your event, send everyone to an online registration form on your website. It also helps keeps your data secure in a post-GDPR world.
  1. Embrace e-badges
Sending out paper badges via direct mail is costly and wasteful, unless you know that 100% of your pre-registered visitors turn up. So in your registration confirmation email, include their bar code or unique ID code which they can use to check-in on arrival.
  1. Self-service check-in
If your target audience is comfortable using a computer or tablet, you can stop using paper registration forms for new visitors. Get them to register using self-service check-in screens and you can drop the paper, pens and reduce the number of registration desks and staff you need.
  1. Forget the badge holders
If you want to print name badges, ask your registration company to use a card stock that can fix directly to the lanyard or badge clip. You’ve stopped a whole heap of plastic going into the bin abd you can remove ‘badge holders’ from your budget.
  1. Explore recyclables
Name badges can be printed on recycled paper and lanyards are now widely available that use green or recycled materials such as bamboo or PET fibres.
  1. Ask for your badges back
Put a large recycling bin at the exit of your event with a sign asking people to give back their badges. Re-use lanyards or badge-clips for days 2 or 3 to save costs (don’t add dates to logos on your lanyards and you could even save them for the next event) and recycle badges by popping them in a paper bin at the venue.
  1. Do you have to use badges at all?
If you can board a transatlantic flight with a boarding pass on your phone or travel around London by just using your Apple Watch, why do you need to wear a badge to enter a trade show? Visitors can use their ‘badge’ on their phone to navigate their way around an event and there are apps out there that enable your attendees to swap details at a tap of a button.

But name badges are an easy way to quickly identify people, we hear you say. True – but that brings its own disadvantages. All too often we see exhibitors squinting to read a name badge as a visitor approaches a stand, forgetting the art of a welcoming smile and decent conversation.

If you really need to use name badges at your next event, it’s time to do what you can to make them green.  

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