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How to engage that big brand sponsor

Rebecca McConnell
By 5 June 2018

It’s not easy is it. A headline sponsorship gives you much needed revenue, boosts perceptions of your event and could help attract additional sponsors and exhibitors. 

But big brands are hard to win and hard to retain. Many companies are no longer content to drive visibility with their logo splashed on welcome banners, stage sets and carpet tiles. They want a way to communicate key messages and create long-lasting connections with your attendees. Most importantly, they need to justify their spend by measuring exactly how effective their sponsorship has been and what the ROI is.  

Thankfully, you can achieve all of this with data-driven sponsorships packages. Here are four ways you can use your registration data to impress potential sponsors in your proposals:

Ticket confirmation screens and emails. At point of registration you collect a wealth of information about your attendees. Ask questions that a potential sponsor wants to know the answers to, and you’ve created a compelling advertising opportunity for them. Display their advert, special offer or competition on the ticket confirmation screen or email for attendees demonstrating a legitimate interest in their brand or products and you’ll be impressing visitors as well as producing measurable ROI for sponsors. 

Self-service screens. Many registration companies now offer self-service units for visitors to check-in or register themselves at an event on arrival. The confirmation screen is a great opportunity to display an invitation to visit a sponsor’s stand, speaker slot or brand activation to attendees that have selected particular preferences. 

Badges. If your registration company can print vouchers alongside badges, the opportunities for sponsor promotions are endless. Have a sponsor running a give-away for parents with an infant under 1? Automatically print a voucher alongside a badge for relevant visitors to drive traffic to your sponsors stand. Perhaps a sponsor is making a keynote speech – find out who they want in the audience and issue an invitation on arrival to visitors who have selected the relevant demographics. 

Push notifications during the event. Bluetooth and RFID beacon technology is more affordable than it used to be, but there are simpler ways to deliver different messages to your visitors based on their unique profile or location during your event. A simple scan of a badge could deliver an email or SMS with sponsor information relating to their profile. Use it to invite VIPs buyers to a sponsored networking lounge, send specific visitors to a conference session or alert attendees to a sponsor’s booth. 

So delve into your visitor data today – understand your attendees’ needs and then match them to a sponsor’s objectives. 

Good luck!

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